Mid Atlantic
Milking Shorthorn Society

                       AMSS National Convention




   The MAMSS is hosting the 2017 AMSS National Convention in Gettysburg, PA!  We hope you'll plan to join us.  Above you will see the Theme that our membership has chosen. 

   Do YOU have suggestions on what you would like to see during the Convention?  We welcome any and all suggestions.  Please forward your ideas to midatlanticmilkingshorthorns@yahoo.com

    We are searching for old pictures of cattle and breeders alike to use for the Convention.  If you have something that you would be willing to share please let us know.  All photos will be scanned and returned in original condition. 

    Last thing:  Tell us who YOU think are some influential COWS and BULLS in the Milking Shorthorn breed.  You don't have to tell us why, although you may if you want to, we just want to know who!